Eagle's Roost Farmstay B&B - Rocky Cape Tourism TAS

Eagle's Roost Farmstay B&B

accommodation | Rocky Cape TAS 7321

0477 219 163
50 Port View Road, Rocky Cape TAS 7321

Tourism TAS welcomes Eagle's Roost Farmstay B&B in Rocky Cape, for all your accommodation and travel needs, book your holiday today.

Eagle's Roost Farmstay B&B is a sustainable and eco-friendly place to stay situated in Rocky Cape, North West Tasmania. The property offers hosted holiday accommodation combining affordable luxury in sheltered, secluded, beautiful surroundings. There are two bedrooms, each with their own ensuite; a double spa room and an 'easy access' wet room shower king/twin bedded room. Full cooked breakfast is provided. Enjoy a shared lounge (wood fire, television and DVD player), kitchen and laundry. There are views to Sawyer's Bay, Stanley and the Nut, landscaped gardens and bushwalk trails in 12 acres of private forest. Eagle's Roost farmhouse is a comfortable cedar clad home with underfloor insulation and heat transfer ducting to all rooms. There are two patios, both with great views; one facing west and the other north to take advantage of the sun or shelter at different times of the year. There is a large veggie patch which produces fresh produce all year, many fruit trees and a variety of berry bushes. Guests are welcome to pick fresh produce and use in the communal kitchen. We are located right next to Rocky Cape National Park....
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